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Is your Insurance Settlement Enough?

The insurance company sent an adjuster out to examine the smoke damage and estimate the cost to recover. A few weeks later, you receive a settlement check in the mail from your insurance company. Is it enough?

Before cashing that check or accepting your insurance company's offer, it's wise to get a second opinion from a smoke damage public adjuster. We work on your behalf to make sure that the insurance that you pay so dearly for pays you properly for your losses.

With smoke damage claims, the damage is often subjective. You may not be able to see the smoke damage, but you can smell it. This smell may be faint when the insurance adjuster inspects the damage, prompting the adjuster to recommend a professional cleaning or ozone treatment. However, if the smoke has gotten into the wall or attic insulation, into the carpet pad, or inside the air conditioning ductwork, cleaning isn't a long-term solution. In fact, your only recourse could require extensive structural repairs. As you can imagine, replacing air ducts isn't a simple matter.

Because the potential for smoke damage to be underestimated by your insurance company exists, we highly recommend that you retain the services of a public adjuster specializing in smoke damage claims before accepting any offer from your insurance company. If the public adjuster agrees with the insurance company's assessment, great, you can rest easy. If not, tens of thousands of dollars could be at stake and you'll need to aggressively pursue a higher settlement. Your public adjuster will become invaluable if this is the case.

Make sure your settlement offer is enough by contacting us today for your free smoke damage claim review.