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My house is located many miles away from the Texas wildfires, yet it smells of smoke. Is it eligible for a smoke damage insurance claim?

Part of filing an insurance claim involves supporting that claim with documentation and facts. For example, weather and wind conditions along with official fire reports can support your claim of smoke damage along with evidence of damage collected at your site. A smoke damage public adjuster can help you prove your losses and support your claim with documentation.

Before evacuating, we closed all windows, placed wet towels along door jams, and took other precautions to seal it from smoke, yet our brick house reeks of smoke inside and out. How did the smoke get in?

It's hard to imagine smoke penetrating a well-sealed brick building. However, smoke can and does get past even the best defenses. In the case of brick buildings, smoke can get inside through weep holes in the bricks as well as through chimneys, soffits, attic vents, and other passages.

Why is my contractor recommending that we tear out the drywall and replace all of the wall insulation?

It's not uncommon for smoke to get inside the walls and into the insulation. When this happens, your home could reek of smoke for years to come. Wind pressure on exterior walls could cause the smell to become more powerful during wind events.

My insurance adjuster already estimated the cost to clean up the smoke damage, and it's nowhere near the cost that my contractor estimates. What do I do?

It's not unusual for insurance estimates to be out of alignment with the actual cost of repairs. For example, your insurance adjuster may have determined that a professional cleaning would be sufficient. Meanwhile, your contractor disagrees and says that in order to remove the smoke damage, the ductwork, insulation, and drywall must all be replaced. This difference could cost you tens of thousands of dollars! So, what do you do? Get a public insurance adjuster involved. A smoke damage public adjuster can support your claim with accurate estimates and extensive documentation as well as fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

I can't afford to repair my home let alone pay a public insurance adjuster. Can't I just file the claim on my own?

That's the beauty of using public insurance adjusters for smoke damage claims. We work on a contingency so there's no upfront cost to you. We work to make sure that your settlement is generous enough so that you can afford repairs. Since we work on a contingency, if our work doesn't result in a settlement, you don't pay us at all.