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3 Smoke Damage Warning Signs

There's no longer a thick cloud of smoke floating through your home. Nor are the walls covered in soot. However, your home may be more severely smoke damaged than you realize. Here are three warning signs that you need professional intervention.

  1. A heavy smoke odor
  2. A faint smoke odor
  3. A lingering smoke odor

That's right, heavy, faint, or lingering smoke odors after a Texas wildfire are all warning signs that your house is in need of professional smoke damage remediation services. If your house is permeated with a heavy smoke odor and visible smoke damage, you already know that you have a serious issue on your hands. However, those faint and lingering smoke odors may never go away. In fact, smoke could have infiltrated your home's insulation and the odor may come and go with changing weather conditions. Your own air conditioning system may be circulating odors, causing more damage throughout your house and ruining your furnishings, clothing, and building materials.

Heavy smoke odors will get your attention right away. It's those faint and lingering odors that are trying to tell you something. If you smell smoke and the fire is long gone, your house could be suffering from smoke damage. Contact a smoke damage public adjuster for a free consultation and find out what recovery options may be available to you.